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Ways to Prevent Air Duct Contamination

02/12/2014 Back To Blog

Air duct systems that are rarely cleaned are subject to contamination. If you are preparing to have yours cleaned or not, there are some preventive steps you can take to lower the chances of contamination. The indoor air quality is important to healthy breathing for all occupants in the home or office environment.Commercial Air Duct Cleaning 24/7 Services



One way to reduce the chances of duct contamination is to only use the best quality filters; the top grade ones that provide the best efficiency are preferred. If you are unsure what type to use, refer to the owner’s manual of your ventilation system; if you don’t have access to that, consult with the manufacturer or air duct cleaning Yorba Linda for the best suggestions of filters to use. Change it more frequently if you experience constant clogging and air blockage. Also, make sure there aren’t any filters missing; the side edges of the filter holder should be flush and without gaps to prevent undirected air leakage.


Dust Removal

In the event that of having scheduled maintenance done on your cooling and heating system, ask the technician to also clean away the dust from the drain pans and cooling coils. If you ever have to do some home remodeling where there is construction such as the cutting of wood or sheetrock, just remember that this creates dust which flows right into the ventilation system. Before starting the home project, be sure to seal off the vents and don’t run the heating/cooling system until all of the dust has been cleaned up. 



Vacuuming and removing dust on a consistent basis will also prevent dust contaminants from getting into your air ducts. It is best to use a vacuum, filter, and bags that have the high efficiency level. If your heating and cooling system has a humidification features, be sure to use it as suggested by the manufacturer.

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