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Air duct maintenance

Air duct maintenance chores made easier by following these clearly outlined tips. Learn directly from the experts. Not satisfied with air duct cleaning? Need advice on mold removal? Get essential tips here.

Keep allergies away from home

Air filter cleaning must take place often but specialists from Air Duct Cleaning Yorba Linda insist that this is not sufficient to extinguish microorganisms, which might cause allergies and other health problems. It is important to also clean the condenser unit once a year, maintain the HVAC system and do air duct cleaning. It is important to remove as much dirt and mold as possible from the ducts.

Symptoms of losing energy from the HVAC system

Many people do air filter replacement but still they are not completely satisfied by the temperatures at home. If you have taken care of HVAC repair and have changed the filters but the unit keeps working without effective results, you must also check the air ducts. If you notice increased humidity and filthiness, you need to do air duct cleaning immediately.

Clean the lint filter

In order to expect good drying results, make sure to clean the lint filter of the air duct system before each loading process. As needed, pay attention to the back portion of the vent. Clean behind the dryer as well. Experts in Yorba Linda recommend doing this process at least once a month.

Clean dryer vents regularly

Cleaning a dryer vent occasionally will save you from a lot of trouble related to the operation of the clothes dryer and your safety. Lint concentrated in the dryer vents must be removed, so that it won't obstruct air circulation and allow the appliance to work efficiently. Otherwise, temperatures will rise and there's a chance of fire.

Use a hose for cleaning the condenser unit

Regulate the pressure so that the water doesn’t hit the coils hard. Otherwise, they will get bent and will require repair.

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